B-AQUASAFE man-in-water detector


The Man In Water Alarm system has been developed for use within the fish framing industry for communication and to detect a man-in-water.

The man-in-water sensor has been developed for the detection of a person in water.
The detector uses Motorola's professional radio equipment to broadcast an emergency alarm to colleagues and to a control center after a person has been detected in water

The sensor is attached to your lifejacket and will trigger a search & rescue operation within seconds. Your colleagues will be your first line of support receiving an alarm message with all information about where you are on a map, distance from you, direction to you and they can let you know the ETA. This information is updated live on colleagues’ radios.

The control center will be informed simultaneously and coordinate the rescue operation to bring you back to safety.



The radio-sensor connectivity is done via Bluetooth leaving the PTT/headset port port available.

This solution is appreciated by operators who are now able to combine the safety requirement of a man-water-detector with the use of hardwired audio-microphone headsets.

The bluetooth sensor is completely water-proof. The wireless connection is free of all corrosion issues that could have altered the propagation of the man-in-water alarm.

The sensor is running on its own battery which needs to be recharged.

Sensors use an induction charger for charging

Expected battery life is 250 hours.

Technical Specifications

  • Water detector using electrodes

  • Bluetooth 3.0 interface with Motortrbo Radios equipped with Bluetooth and a GOB (DP4601, DP3661) or Android Based systems (Evolve, ION).

  • Battery capacity 2500 mAh, extendable to 3000 mAh

  • Induction charging at 10 mAh

  • In-charge LED indicator

  • Alarm mechanism: Mototrbo DMR/Wave emergency with alarm acknowledgment and priority message over voice packages

  • Pre-Alarm mechanism to avoid broadcasting false alarms


B-Aquasafe sensors are pre-configured in the factory. No additonal work on the sensor is required.


In order for your Man-in-Water detector to work, your BAquasafe app needs to be installed on your Android Motorola Wave terminal (Evolve). Please contract your radio resseller to ensure that your radios are B-Aquasafe ready!


The sensor can be turned on using a magnet. The magnet should be positioned on the magnetic logo located right next to the LED. The sensor automatically scans for Bluetooth devices.


Water sealing
The sensor is sealed to resist the marine environment and resist a possible drop into water. No firmware update is currently possible under this version of the water detector.

The proximity of the bluetooth water detector with the radio is an important limitation to take into consideration during operations. The bluetooth connection should remain within the range of 15 cm from the radio bluetooth receiver. This safety distance is to ensure a good communication with the sensor while submerged

Man In Water Sensor

Bluetooth pairing mode

Once the Sensor is Turned-ON, it moves to Discovery State trying to pair with a radio via bluetooth. The pairing needs to be confirmed from the radio Bluetooth/Devices/Find Devices.

Alarm mode

Once connected, the sensor is ready to detect a man-in-water and switch to a Alarm State (RED LED flashing below).

When the sensor is out of the water, it automatically switches back to an Idle State.


charging ⚠️

The Sensor can access on of these other modes, charging, fully charged, error, charging, not charing or battery low at anytime.

Using an induction charger

The sensor is equiped with an induction charging mechanism to facilitate operations on fit into the life-jacket pocket. The life jacket is designed to fit an induction charger to allow charing without having to remove the sensor from its pocket. Make sure to witness the LED feedback signal to confirm that the sensor is charging. (charging mode = WHITE LED)



In a nutshell, the seven modes can be represented as follow:





Request the battery level by pressing the long-press BATT shortcut button on the Evolve.

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